Center for Bioelectronics and Biosensors

Integrated Sensor Systems with Global Impact

A variety of sensors ranging from embedded systems to handheld devices may one day analyze your breath for the first telltale signs of disease, identify pollutants in drinking water, or keep society safe by detecting trace vapors and signatures of explosives.

In the Center for Bioelectronics and Biosensors, our research can be divided up into several key themes.  Some of the technologies are focused on the detection of harmful chemicals that are a threat to the environment and human health.  Others look inside the body for markers or presence of disease.  Still others focus on the detection of human-made threats.

In order to detect the presence of specific chemicals in the environment, or biomarkers in the body, extremely sensitive and selective sensors are required.  An accurate and fail-proof early warning system for chemical and biological warfare agents and explosives also require sensors.  In spite of many years of research, few systems can meet these challenges.

To achieve these goals, we utilize a multi-scale, multi-technology and system-level approach. We explore and integrate device and material functions from the nano- to micro- to macroscale.  We hybridize different sensing platforms, including electrical, electrochemical, mechanical and optical signal transductions, to achieve results that a single sensor alone cannot deliver.  We use a system-level approach that optimizes devices from sample collection and sensing elements to signal processing and communication to deliver a complete solution to real-world problems. 

Our research team can accomplish this because it involves a diverse group of researchers and students from bioengineering, electrical engineering, device physics, chemistry and biochemistry, and materials science. Among our collaborators are organic chemists and theoreticians from around the world, and industry that include researchers from Motorola, Intel, Dial, Biosensing Instruments among others.

Projects in which this center is involved